Episode 39: Marine Safety

May 22-28, 2021, has been designated as National Safe Boating Week, which kicks off a yearlong campaign promoting the importance of wearing a life jacket.

In this episode of Behind-the-Scene @ NTSB, we talk with Morgan Turrell, Director, NTSB Office of Marine Safety, about the 2021-2022 Most Wanted List safety item Improve Passenger and Fishing Vessel Safety, the NTSB Safer Seas Digest and recent marine investigations. Morgan also shares boating safety tips, including the importance of wearing a life jacket, as we approach the Memorial Day Holiday weekend.  

Behind-the-Scene @NTSB podcast Marine Safety episode

The NTSB Safer Seas Digest mentioned in this episode is available on the Safer Seas Digest 2019 Lessons Learned from Marine Accident Investigations web page.

The full report for the investigation into the fire aboard the small passenger vessel Conception is available on our web site.

For information about the upcoming NTSB Board meeting on the 2019 sinking of the fishing vessel Scandies Rose read the media advisory.

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