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Why is the letter E so important in transportation safety?

Decorative letter E

By Christopher Hart, Acting Chairman

 At the NTSB, most of our work requires accuracy and precision. Every day, our investigators must find the answers to questions about human performance, engineering, materials science, and more. Much of what we do to improve transportation safety involves a single letter: The letter “E.”

 Several of the elements that contribute to improving transportation safety begin with the letter E. Strong laws and regulations promoting safety must be enacted. These laws and regulations must be robustly enforced if they are to produce results. People must be educated about safety issues and ways to reduce their risk. Engagement of all involved parties – industry, government, the public, and more – must occur. Safety must be carefully engineered into all modes of transportation. Safety solutions must be evaluated to determine if they are truly reducing risk and preventing accidents. And, of course, everyone must practice safety every time they operate or use any form of transportation.

Every Time. 

The letter E is truly a very important letter when it comes to improving transportation safety.