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Behind-the-Scene @ NTSB

Welcome to the introductory episode of the newest advocacy tool from the National Transportation Safety Board!

Behind-the-Scene @NTSB will be an opportunity for our agency to share the stories of our amazing staff and highlight the exceptional work that is being done to advance transportation. Each episode will feature an interview with NTSB staff. We’ll delve into their transportation career history, discuss interesting investigations or reports that they have worked on, and share how their expertise improves safety.Behindthescene

There are many amazing and interesting facets to the work being accomplished at the NTSB and we look forward to sharing these stories.

Erik and James in action
Technical Producer James Anderson (lt) and Host Erik Strickland (rt) prepare for an episode taping.
New episodes will be available every other Thursday and will soon be available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

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