Episode 1- Chairman Robert Sumwalt

In our first “real” episode of Behind-the-Scene @ NTSB, we chat with Chairman Robert Sumwalt and find out what got him interested in aviation. This interest turned into a passion not just for aviation, but for all transportation. We also talk about his views on leadership and how it can apply to creating strong safety systems.

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And find more ways to listen here: https://www.blubrry.com/behind_the_scene_ntsb/


One thought on “Episode 1- Chairman Robert Sumwalt”

  1. I think the NTSB needs to look at bicycle safety on our nation’s roads. Has anyone looked at minimum safety standards for bicycles. They are sometimes invisible to motorists. If similar to the standards required for car lighting were adopted for bikes on our streets many lives could be improved…. With advances in led lighting bicycles could be made visible. Micro becons minimum levels for lighting. Who knows maybe the bike could be made safer as well. More impact friendly so if the bike could somehow protect its rider from harm. Then standards could be set for road legal bikes

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