Introducing … NTSB’s #MWLMonday

By Stephanie D. Shaw

2016 Most Wanted List brochure coverIf you have spent any time on social media, you’ve probably seen pictures and stories hash-tagged #TBT – for Throwback Thursday. Every Thursday in various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), people post photos and messages about memories from the past (good or bad), and people comment on those posts and offer memories of their own.

Taking a page from that popular trend, the NTSB introduces #MWLMonday. While we are known for our thorough investigative reports, you may not be aware of our many safety advocacy efforts. These efforts are directed primarily at raising awareness about the 10 safety issues identified on our Most Wanted List (MWL) of transportation safety improvements. Our MWL highlights safety issues that still need action, derived from our real-world accident investigations.

Each Monday, we will highlight one of these 10 safety issues; thus, #MWLMonday. On #MWLMonday, we will offer brief, shareable items for social media– we’ll also give you links to learn more. We’ll share the stories of NTSB investigations, and the stories of everyday people—all with a focus on a safety concern identified on our MWL.

Another goal of our #MWLMonday postings is to encourage dialogue and discussion. What we’d really like to see is people adding their own stories, comments, and pictures to the conversation. We want people to share those tweets and posts with their friends on social media.

To join the conversation every week or to just see how NTSB is communicating safety messages nationwide, look out for #MWLMonday on Facebook and Twitter, or check out the NTSB Safety Compass Blog. (Add us to your “favorites” and start following #MWLMonday on Twitter now!)

Going viral can help fight America’s epidemic of transportation deaths and injuries. Help us start with #MWLMondays!

For questions about our social media efforts or to suggest a blog topic or Twitter conversation, mail to:

Stephanie Shaw is a Safety Advocate in the NTSB Office of Safety Recommendations and Communications.

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