Reaching ZERO: Highway Safety Lifesavers

Cover from Lifesavers 2014 conference programNext week, NTSB Member Rosekind, Highway Safety Investigators, and Communications staff will attend the Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities.  Although NTSB Members and staff have previously presented and attended this conference, this will be only the second time that NTSB will have an exhibit, Booth #218.  This gives us an excellent opportunity to highlight our Most Wanted List issue areas, Eliminate Distraction in Transportation, Eliminate Substance-Impaired Driving and Strengthen Occupant Protection in Transportation.

At the NTSB we have set the bar high for highway safety. Our goal is to reach ZERO deaths on our Nation’s roadways. For many, that may seem like an unrealistic or unachievable goal. But the nearly 2,000, highway safety professionals who will meet in Nashville next week know that ZERO deaths on our roadways is achievable, and they make reaching that goal their daily mission.

One of the NTSB’s goals at this year’s conference is to share the lessons we have learned through our accident investigations. We hope that these lessons will lead to changes that will reduce and ultimately eliminate the deaths caused by drivers impaired by drugs and alcohol or distracted by the use of a wireless communication device and to emphasize the importance of a clear, consistent message on the role that seat belt use plays in reaching ZERO! So come check out these NTSB presentations:

Sunday, April 27th

4:15pm – 05 vs. 08 – What does the Research Say? – NTSB Safety Advocate Jenny Cheek

Monday, April 28th

9:00am – Drugged Driving: What’s Driving the Numbers – NTSB Board Member Mark Rosekind

10:45am – When the Feds Show Up – Managing Communications Following a Major Crash – NTSB Public Affairs Director, Kelly Nantel

10:45am – Reframing Occupant Protection: Strategies to Improve Seat Belt Use – NTSB Safety Advocate Stephanie Davis

2:15pm – Motorcoach Safety: First Ever Comprehensive Regulations to Protect all Riders – Belts are on the Way – NTSB Investigator Michele Beckjord

An overwhelming majority of the 33,000 deaths and more than 2 million injuries that occur on our roadways each year are preventable! So please come find us at Booth #218 to learn more about steps you can take and ways we can work together to make the roads safer for the traveling public.

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