Traffic Safety is #NoAprilFools

By Debbie HersmanInterstate 80, seen here in Berkeley, California, is a freeway with many lanes and heavy traffic. Photo: Wikipedia

Practical jokers around the world are rejoicing today–a day dedicated to them!  They’ve been planning for weeks and some even months for ways to fool their family, friends, co-workers, maybe anyone that crosses their path today in the name of fun.  For me, however, April Fool’s Day is a reminder of the more serious type of foolish decisions people make that can lead to criminal behavior with sometimes deadly consequences.

In my years at the Board, I have a met victims of distracted and impaired driving crashes.  I have heard their stories about how some of their happiest days became their worst days.  Graduation days on which loved ones were killed.  Days with friends at an amusement park that ended with many of those friends dying.  The lingering scars-both physical and emotional-could have been prevented had someone not made the choice to use a cell phone while driving or get behind the wheel after drinking. 

April Fool’s pranks are typically harmless and fun, but distracted and impaired driving is not harmless, not fun, and more than foolish.  Every year, tens of thousands of lives are tragically taken or altered forever because drivers failed to consider the consequences of their actions.  When people choose to drive impaired or distracted, that foolishness can become criminal and result in the deaths and injuries of mothers, fathers, children, co-workers, grandparents and friends.  This April Fool’s Day, remember:  don’t be a fool . be safe behind the wheel!

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