“Snow” your love for safety: Winter storm roundup edition

Traffic snarls in Atlanta due to wintery weatherToday hasn’t been a good day for traveling on the east coast, but there’s good news on the transportation safety front nonetheless.

The Port Authority of NY & NJ has announced weekend closures of two PATH stations in order to install Positive Train Control technology on the lines. NTSB has long been advocating for PTC implementation, and the issue is again on our Most Wanted List. We’re encouraged to see the steps PATH and other rail operators are taking to implement PTC systems and to make rail travel safer.

The National Safety Council released its preliminary estimate of 2013 motor vehicle fatalities, and their analysis shows a 3% decline in fatalities from 2012. Every decline in fatalities is a step toward reaching zero, but as NSC notes, more than 90% of crashes are due to human error and ultimately preventable, which is why NTSB includes eliminating both distraction and substance-impaired driving on our Most Wanted List.


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