Finding Out What Happened To Prevent It from Happening Again

ABC NY Photo of Ferry AccidentBy Debbie Hersman

Today, what should be an uneventful commute in New York City was disrupted when a passenger ferry that travels daily between Atlantic Highlands and Conners Highlands in New Jersey to lower Manhattan, made a hard landing when docking in New York City.

Details are sketchy right now, as they often are right after an accident. We know from New York City first responders that scores of passengers are injured and some critically. Our investigative team, led by Board Member Robert L. Sumwalt and Investigator-in-Charge Morgan Turrell, is on their way to New York City. The goal, as always, is to find out what happened so we can make recommendations to prevent future tragedies.

Last April, we completed an investigation of another New York passenger ferry, the Andrew J. Barberi that lost propulsion control and struck the Staten Island St. George terminal and injured dozens of passengers and crewmembers. That was the second accident involving the Andrew J. Barberi. The earlier accident, in 2003, killed 11 people and injured 70.

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