Kentucky Aviation Conference

By: Earl Weener

On September 6, I’m looking forward to speaking at the 36th Annual Kentucky Aviation Conference, sponsored by both the Kentucky Aviation Association and the Kentucky Department of Aviation. This conference, attended by Kentucky airport officials, provides another opportunity to touch on General Aviation issues, a favorite topic of mine. Kentucky GA airports, in combination with three larger commercial airports, are a critical resource for the state’s economy. Commercial and general aviation operations move 21 million passengers and over 4.5 billion pounds of freight through Kentucky airports each year. That’s why it’s so important GA remains a viable option for states with limited commercial operations. And a viable option means a safe option.

In terms of aviation safety, more broadly, GA will increasingly play a significant role in pilot development. With the scaling back of military aviation training and operations, GA has become the primary source of professional pilot development – and the stock is running low. Safe GA operations, accessibility to GA airports, and quality flight instruction are in demand. Bottom line: today’s global economy requires pilots – and local GA operations and airports are critical to the global supply chain.

Earl F. Weener, Ph.D., took the oath of office as a Member of the National Transportation Safety Board on June 30, 2010.

Member Weener is a licensed pilot who has dedicated his entire career to the field of aviation safety.

One thought on “Kentucky Aviation Conference”

  1. Dr. Weener…your remarks were a big hit at our KY Aviation Conference! What an honor it was for us to meet you & your charming wife. Thanks for hammering home the safety message.

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