Improving Skills Through Training

By Earl Weener

On August 22, I am looking forward to NBAA’s Safety Committee’s Business Aviation Pilot Training Symposium, a one day event focussed on improving pilot training for the business aviation sector. The discussion will include ideas on how business-aviation pilot training substantially benefits from adapting training philosophies from other segments of the industry, such as the Advanced Qualification Program.

The symposium will highlight efforts already completed by NBAA’s Safety Committee, and include planning tools and guidelines to assist the business aviation community in advancing their own training programs.

I will contribute to the event with a discussion on general aviation safety, focussing on several of the all-too-typical fatal business flying accidents. Each year, hundreds of people are killed in general aviation, and thousands more are injured. However, these statistics do not need to remain static, as the causes of these accidents are often repeated scenarios of previous accidents and can be addressed through training.

I hope you are able to join me at this free event hosted at the NTSB Conference Center. Bottom line: every pilot can improve his or her skills through training.

One thought on “Improving Skills Through Training”

  1. An excellent initiative not only from an accident investigation point of view but magazine publications (Flying magazine comes to mind) have continuous articles on very basic piloting aspects missed by GA pilots and a hint of lack of instructor quality of training. It is the simplest operations that are been missed and the lack of basic piloting ability. One major aspect is ATC is your friend not your boss. Outside of your ability or the aircrafts performance capability (Do you know what that is?) there is one simple word. “Negative”. Request Go – around, extend downwind, climb and join overhead etc. So many tight turns so many stalls so much afraid to be seen as a coward.

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