EAA AirVenture, Day 3

By Debbie Hersman

Over the past three days here in Oskosh, I met with many dedicated general aviation pilots and enthusiasts. They do not call EAA AirVenture “The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration” for no reason. In the middle of the excitement, the NTSB also brought a message of safety and vigilance to the attendees.

This morning, I met with incredible women who are a key part of the aviation community. I enjoyed breakfast and a lively conversation with Women in Aviation International. I had the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Peggy Chabrian, the president and founder, who continues to provide leadership to both women currently in the industry as well the next generation of women in aviation.

Before leaving AirVenture, I had the opportunity to visit our NTSB booth at the Federal pavilion one last time. I am grateful to the NTSB staff who volunteered to come to AirVenture to provide information to the thousands of aviation enthusiasts.

General Aviation safety is on the Board’s Most Wanted List and one of the things we learned during two recent forums on the topic was how important it is to reach out to pilots about our safety recommendations and foster a strong safety culture in the sky and on the ground.

This afternoon, I visited with the Central County Flyers Association in Iola, Wisconsin. I joined the group at their weekly lunch in their hangar at Central County Airport. It was great to meet local legend and aviation pioneer, Paul Johns as well as the scores of attendees to discuss the NTSBs work in aviation safety.

I would like to thank EAA and thousands of volunteers for putting on another great AirVenture event. As you can tell from the last couple of blog posts, the NTSB staff and I had a productive time out here at Oshkosh. For pictures and more information on the event, visit http://www.ntsb.gov/news/events/2012/oshkosh_wi/index.html.

Until next year’s AirVenture!

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