Keeping Course

By Debbie Hersman

Over the past two days, the Board heard from eight different panels on ways to improve safety in general aviation. Last month, we heard from scores of panelists about how to address impaired driving. So how does the Board sift through all of the data, testimony, sometimes conflicting opinions and competing agendas in our investigations, studies and forums?

We consult our compass.

I’ve said in the past that the NTSB serves as the conscience and compass of the transportation industry. It is our job is to always put the public interest and safety first and to remain unencumbered by the myriad constraints that face many other organizations. The NTSB investigates and follows the facts wherever they lead. We make safety recommendations based on what we believe will save lives.

Our investigations are grounded in evidence, engineering, and rigorous evaluation to ensure that our findings are credible and that our safety recommendations will make a difference. Congress gave us a very important job: to protect and serve the traveling public. And we are fulfilling that mission by delivering the truth in our accident investigations and working to improve transportation safety through our recommendations.

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