A Commencement Top 10 with a Transportation Twist

By Debbie Hersman

There are some 4,400 colleges and universities in the United States. That means this spring there are some thousands of ceremonies for millions of undergraduate and postgraduates students as they enter the next phase of their lives.

Graduation is a big step. It’s a sign of accomplishment and completion, but it’s also the beginning, not the end, of the journey. Interestingly, the ceremony to confer degrees or grant diplomas is called “commencement.”

Last week, I had the privilege to speak to the 2012 graduates of the George Mason University School of Public Policy. Many of those 350 individuals are pursuing a career in public service, of course I commended them for their choice since I believe that serving the public is a noble profession. I also shared some life lessons that I have picked up along the way. As you would expect, some of those lessons have a transportation safety focus, such as “choices matter” (avoiding substance-impaired driving) and “get sleep” (recognizing the risks of fatigue).

Here’s a link to the speech. [http://www.ntsb.gov/news/speeches/hersman/daph120518.html] Let me know what you think and share with us your number one life lesson.

One thought on “A Commencement Top 10 with a Transportation Twist”

  1. Chairman Hersman,

    What a wonderful message for the new graduates at George Mason University and their families! I have posted your comments for my staff to enjoy. Keep up the good work sharing the NTSB’s recommendations and insights.

    Peter Lawrence 🙂

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