NTSB Recognizes Public Service Week

Public Service Recognition WeekBy Debbie Hersman

This week is Public Service Recognition Week. Sponsored by the Partnership for Public Service, there have been a number of events this week that recognize the everyday achievements of our Federal civilian employees. This morning, the Partnership announced its nominations for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals finalists. One of the nominees is our own James Cash, our chief technical advisor in the office of research and engineering was announced as a nominee for the Career Achievement Medal Finalist.

This particular award recognizes a Federal employee for significant accomplishments throughout a lifetime of achievement in public service. Jim is being recognized for his almost 30 years of service. Most notably, for his work with extracting information from airplane cockpit voice recorders and other recording devices to determine the cause of major transportation accidents. In citing his work this morning, the Partnership particularly focused on Jim’s work in analyzing the cockpit voice recorder in the TWA Flight 800 investigation that helped our investigators reach the conclusion that an explosion in the center fuel tank was the cause of this disaster. Here is a link to the full description of Jim’s achievements and why he has been nominated for this prestigious award: http://servicetoamericamedals.org/SAM/finalists/cam/cash.shtml

In his letter recognizing Public Service Recognition Week, President Obama wrote: “Each day, our country benefits from the efforts of dedicated Federal, state, and local government employees who do their jobs with pride and passion. So many of these men and women work tirelessly on behalf of their fellow citizens to confront the challenges impacting our communities and our Nation.” That is certainly true of our NTSB staff.

As I said at our employee awards ceremony, it is moments like these, when we pause to reflect on the accomplishments of our colleagues, that I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you every day to promote improvements in transportation safety.

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