“iPads on Wheels”

By Debbie Hersman

 Apple introduced its new iPad yesterday and as you would expect it got a lot of attention. With our fast-paced lives, tablets, cell phones, smartphones, and more help us keep connected.

 There’s no wonder that so many people depend on them. And, there’s no wonder that industry is climbing onto the convenience and connectivity bandwagon, in particular car manufacturers, which are, as automotive writers have described it, turning cars into virtual “iPads on wheels.”

 Dominique Bonte, group director of telematics and navigation at ABI Research, a technology consulting firm predicts, “Within five years, 90 percent of new cars will ship with connected car features.”

 At the NTSB, we’ve investigated distracted-related accidents across all modes of transportation, but the place where distraction can be the deadliest is on our roadways. Previously, the norm was an attentive driver with occasional distractions.

 Now, distractions are competing fulltime for the driver’s attention. It’s time to take a careful and close look at how distractions affect driving and focus on measures that promote attentive driving.

 This is why the NTSB is holding a forum on “Attentive Driving: Countermeasures for Distraction.” It’s on March 27 and starts at 8:30 eastern time. For more information, go to www.ntsb.gov/attentivedriving.  The forum is free and open to the public and will be webcast on www.ntsb.gov.  I look forward to an informative and provocative discussion.

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