A Salute to the Professionals in the Motorcoach Industry

By Debbie Hersman
Charles Griffith and Chairman Hersman

On Wednesday, I observed the latest in motorcoach safety aboard a new MCI 2012 J4500 model motorcoach, owned and operated by Bee Line Transportation of Tucson, Arizona.  We rode from L.A. International Airport to Long Beach where I am meeting with bus industry leaders at the 2012 United Motorcoach Association’s (UMA) Expo.

The bus was equipped with new safety features, many of which are not mandated, such as three-point restraints for passengers, fire detection and suppression systems, electronic stability control, automatic traction control, and a tire-pressure monitoring system.  Our driver, Charles Griffith, (pictured above) demonstrated the qualities envisioned in UMA’s 2012 Expo theme: Year of the Motorcoach Professional.

 I salute Charles and all the manufacturers, suppliers, operators and drivers who work hard to safely transport 760 million passengers every year.

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