Put the Brakes on Fatalities

By Debbie Hersman

Monday was Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day. It’s a day to be ambitious and work toward zero fatalities on our nation’s roadways — one day at a time. This campaign brings together State, Federal, private industry, and safety advocates from across the country to spread the message on what causes transportation fatalities, especially highway deaths, and how we can avoid them. As in years past, this year’s education efforts focused on driver behavior, vehicle safety, and roadway improvements to reduce traffic deaths across the country.

This campaign is supported by 21 states. Pictured is one of the winners of the 2010 Kansas poster contest. This child’s poster makes a powerful point, especially since traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for toddlers through age 34.

Sadly, many accidents, injuries, and deaths are the result of a tragic choice — the choice not to use a seat belt or to properly restrain a child, the choice to drive distracted, the choice to drive impaired by alcohol or fatigue. This day is an opportunity for everyone to remember that each one of us has a personal responsibility to make safe decisions when we are behind the wheel.

More people die on our roadways than in all other forms of transportation combined. This is why the NTSB placed Addressing Alcohol-Impaired Driving, Teen Driver Safety, Motorcycle Safety, and Addressing Fatigue on our Most Wanted List.

Every day — drive safely and put the brakes on fatalities.

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