Live to Work Another Day: Staying Sober Behind the Wheel on Labor Day Weekend

By Debbie Hersman

Highway traffic
Drive safely this holiday weekend

Labor Day started over one hundred years ago as a national tribute to the contributions of workers. Today it has grown to a weekend filled with festivals, concerts and family gatherings. And while the long weekend is a reason for celebration, tragically, it is also one filled with far too many highway deaths – there were 360 deaths over Labor Day weekend in 2009.

While the greater number of vehicles on the road creates additional risk, so too, does an increase in alcohol-impaired driving. The percentage of highway deaths involving drunk drivers is typically just under one-third, but that percentage climbs closer to 40 percent for Labor Day weekend. This weekend you’ll see more cops cracking down on impaired drivers as a part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s – Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over – nationwide campaign.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend by staying sober behind the wheel, that way, you and others on the road can live to work another day.

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