Be Safe on Ride to Work Day

By Christopher Hart

Today, June 20, is Ride to Work Day for motorcyclists. This is the day that motorcycle riders across the country showcase the many benefits and pleasures of commuting on motorcyclists. On the Ride to Work website there’s a video that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, member of the Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus, made several years ago about Ride to Work day.  A biker, she talks about the fuel efficiency of motorcycles, the importance of being aware of vehicles on the road, and she says that motorcyclists should wear “proper motorcycle-specific safety gear.” That gear includes DOT-compliant helmets, which, as I have said before, and will say again:  Save lives.

Enjoy your commute and be sure to enjoy it safely with a helmet.

Christopher A. Hart was sworn in as a Member of the NTSB on August 12, 2009 and designated by the President for a two-year term as Vice Chairman of the Board on August 18. Member Hart joined the Board after a long career in transportation safety, including a previous term as a Member of the NTSB.

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