Welcome to SafetyCompass

by Debbie Hersman

Chairman Debbie Hersman

Welcome to SafetyCompass. SafetyCompass is the new blog for the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB.

The SafetyCompass name reflects our agency’s dedication to learning from our investigations and “pointing the way,” through our safety recommendations, to solutions that make us all safer. I hope that you’ll find the blog informative and interesting, and that through it, you’ll get to know the Board and its activities better.

To be updated frequently, the blog will provide an inside-out view of the Board’s activities and the important safety issues we’re focused on. One of the biggest benefits of a blog and an important reason the NTSB created SafetyCompass is to start a conversation with citizens, the people whose lives we work to safeguard. So I encourage you to check in with us often, and to share your thoughts, your questions and your feedback.

You can also find us on YouTube and Twitter, and we will continue to use all of these tools to keep you informed about the latest news from the Board.

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